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We provide casino and entertainment markets with the parts selection, know how, quality and all at highly competitive products.

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Better Air Filter for Your Machines

Gaming machines are becoming more difficult to clean and keep running yearly. If your machine is not regularly cleaned, you are most likely wasting money on replacement parts and losing money on games that are down. Luckily, our High Air Flow (HAF) air filters from 3M are a great solution.

We can keep your games from going down and burning up parts prematurely for just a few pennies a day. With this air filter, you can have longer running games and have your tech staff attend to the needs of your guests instead of using their valuable time to clean the machines. Call us at (702) 895-6779 for a free 10-pack trial today!

Top-of-the-Line Touch Screens

TPK is a global company with annual sales of over $6B. Nobody makes more touch sensors than TPK. Our touch sensor is compliant with all gaming laws and works well with your existing touch sensor controller. TPK plugs directly into the E-GalaX controller and is a direct fit for most touch sensor controllers that are on the market and found in the gaming devices in the market today.We also provide hard to find CRT parts, 6.2″ Resistive glass sensors, as well as a full line of touch sensors to fit your “I-Deck” and other LCD betting deck applications.

New Products

We re-manufacture hard to find parts such as plastic push buttons, A-D Boards, Power Supplies, Graphics Cards and more. We also provide a full line of locks for your games and similar applications. We purchase game parts as well as previously owned games too so if you’re interested in any info on these please send us a note.

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