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Slot Technician I Class Outline

Week 1 Course Outline

I) Intro To Modern Slots

    a. History – 2 hours
    b. Current – 2 hours
    c. Revenues – 1 hour

II) Slot Manufacturers – 1 hour
III) Anatomy – 2 hours
IV) Electronics, ESD (ppt.) – 2 hours
V) Tech Job Description Practice Part of Week 1

    a. Hands on Machines – 3 hours
    b. Talk about Game Manuals – 1 hour
    c. LinkedIn ~ 1 hour

Homework For Week 1
I) Look up slot machine manufacturers websites – 2 hours
II) Watch CEO Quarterly Conference Calls and take notes – 3 hours
III) LinkedIn – 2 hours
IV) Takes notes on slot floors – 4 hours V. Review Game Manuals

Week 2 Course Outline

I) Monitors

    a. Types of Monitors (CRT, LCD, Curved, Monitor Deck)= 1 hour
    b. A-D Boards= 30 Mins
    c. Inverters= 30 mins
    d. Power Supply= 30 mins
    e. Light Panel= 30 mins
    f. Touch Systems= 2 hours


    a. CPU’s trouble shooting, Gaming Controls= 2 hours
    b. Memory= 30 mins
    c. Video Card= 1 hour
    d. Micro Processing Unit(MPU)= 1 hour

III) Filters = 30 mins

Practice Part of Week 2

I) Hands on Monitors= 5 hours

    a. Troubleshoot
    b. Repair

II) Replace/Diagnose CPU’s and Troubleshoot common problems= 4 hours
III) Ceronix Factory Training Intro Video Tour= 1 Hour

Homework For Week 2
I) Ceronix PowerPoint
II) TPK PowerPoint
III) Review Manuals for Monitor/CPU’s

Week 3 Course Outline

I) Power Supplies- 2 Hours
II) Buttons- 2 Hours

    a. Static
    b. OLED
    c. Dynamic

III) Button Decks- 1 Hour

    a. LCD Deck with Bash Button

IV) Sound, Fans, Capacitors- 1 Hour
V) Lights, Switches, Fuses- 1 Hour
VI) Electricity Basics (Guest Teacher)- 2 Hours
VII) Bonusing, Progressives, Jackpots- 1 Hour
VIII) Signs, Chairs, Bases, Locks, Keys- 1 Hour

Practice Part of Week 3
I) Bash Button disassembly & Repair- 2 hours
II) Button Deck disassembly & Repair- 3 hours

    a. Static
    b. LCD
    c. Dynamic

III) Power Supply Troubleshooting and Repair- 2 hours
IV) Switches, open Door Security- 2 Hours
V) Locks and Key Handling- 1 Hour

Homework For Week 3
I) Visit a small local casino
a. Observe game security, Keys/ Locks and make notes.
b. Visit 3-4 different casinos and list the types of Jackpots they offer. WAP’s, House, Bonusing, Mystery Progressives, Community Gaming. Make notes on customer observations.
How is the casino marketing these? How could you help customers understand these?
c. Chat with a slot tech at a local casino, ask them why the enjoy being a tech. Make notes of their advice and discuss in class
next lesson.
d. Understand that talking, listening to understand and filling customer needs is a big part of being a tech. We’ll do some role playing in person, you’ll practice at home!

Week 4 Course Outline

I) Slot Machine Math Basics- 2 Hours
II) II. Bill Validators- 2 Hours

    a. Heads
    b. Cash Cans
    c. Cleaning and Trouble Shooting

III) Ticket Printers- 2 Hours

    a. Repair, Loading tickets, Troubleshooting

IV) Player Tracking Units- 1 Hour
V) Basics of Hand Held Communication and review of tools- 1 Hour
VI) Electricity Basics (Guest Teacher)- 1 Hour
VII) Working with Guests- 1 Hour

    a. TEDI Basics

Practice Part of Week 4
I) Bill Validator Take apart and Repair- 3 hours
II) Ticket Printer Repair- 3 hours
III) Guest Interaction Practice, Roll Playing and More- 2 hours
IV) Game Cleaning and sanitizing- 2 Hours

    a. General Covid Based requirements

Homework For Week 4
I) Review BV Manuals
II) Review Printer Manuals
III) Visit a Mid Sized casino and watch how the techs and floor staff
handle guest interactions.

Week 5 Course Outline

I) Slot Machine Careers- 2 Hours
II) Tax Collection from Slot Machines- 1 Hours
III) GETT website Navigation- 1 Hour
IV) Job Placement- App’s- 1 Hour
V) “How to” Interview Basics

Practice Part of Week 5
I) Practice Dismantling 3-4 Slot Machines- 10 Hours
II) Re-Assemble a Slot Machine and Explain how you did it, what the parts were- 5 Hours
Final Exam
I) 20 questions- 50%
II) Assemble/ Explain Parts and Troubleshooting a Game- 50%

Homework- Final Week- Post Class
I) Send Resume’s
II) Tour a Casino and review what you’ve learned about games.
Explain some of the math, parts and layout to a loved one/ friend.